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Yeah, time to get a bit technical!

Adding a Uv filter to the new Tank!

  • this helps reducing algee
  • and it is beneficial for the walter quality
  • the bacteria needed for the filtration survives the treatment.

More insights...

Here you can see the hidden part of the aquarium system I set up.

On the right side there are ellectronics and on the left side we have all the filtration going on. Tha airpump is above the tank for pressure reasons.

Here you can see the UV chamber 👇

on the left side of the image.

Tha walter comes from the tank trough a prefilter with active charbon and then passes the UV chamber. From there it goes into the external biological and mechanical filtration and then back to the happy fishes and shrimps.


Ellectronic side is allways a mess 👇

as long as I know where the plugs belong I am happy with it.

A lot of combining as I add spotlights to the aquarium. These will be controled with a external switch aside the aquarium for some awsome interaction hahahah
Also for the airpump I am going to install a timer so it runs for an houer and switches off for a houer 24/7. That way we safe some energy and the fish have enough oxygen as well as some quiet time becouse the ai can be guiet loud I think.
So a lot to do still, but we are getting there.

About the Filtration 👇

One thing important to have!

  • A backup filter

I keep a backup filter next to the external filter system. It will be used in case we run into walter parrameters that are difficult or ehen we have a error on the running system. So it is a suport filter or a back-up, in any case verry goid to have it ready to run.


As you made it this fare... 🍀

Here some awsome shots from tha tank after 3 days!

  • The spiderwood starts to grow a bacteria film.
  • This is because the remaining fruitsugar in the weed feed the bacteria collonie.
  • The fish love to eat it and shrimps go bunkers on it!

And of course on LBRY 👇 as well for you...

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My friend @bensworld just started posting on hive again!

  • He has a epic aquarium with awsome fish!
  • Say hi and welcome him back on hive!
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So visit @bensworld now...

So stay healthy and happy

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