Holy Shit We Have A Hydra In The Tank! And A Last Tribute To The Epic Albino Plecco @bensworld And @janaliana Lost.

What the hell !

I freaked out when I saw this!

  • Taking a picture of the strange creature in my tank, not knowing what it is.
  • Sending it to various friends, asking them for help.
  • A few minutes later the realisation, it freaking moves!

So @bensworld found out what it is an well it is creepy and goes ba the name Hydra. And yes it deserves the name so much. Scared after reading into this I came up with a sollution.

Check the hypnotic movment of this creature!

(Unsupported https://cdn.dapplr.in/file/dapplr-videos/sandymeyer/0TJaZ239t3BocyKpS1s0JEDc9cA0dSnS.mp4)

Some infos about Hydra
They can reproduse by laying eggs, this eggs can dry out and are found in dust. So it is allways possible to get this creature in youre aquarium, as it is impossible to close the habitat hermetic.
The outher more creepy and namegiving reproduction form is cloning. So they grow a nouther hydra on themselfes and as it becomes big enough they split.

(Unsupported https://cdn.dapplr.in/file/dapplr-videos/sandymeyer/O212q0C9EAjBLxlCdCNZTV31By6PYjEA.mp4)

This is the problem, they can regrow from one cell only so if you take it outby force, a small remaining of organic matter is enough to regrow them in nummbers!

(Unsupported https://cdn.dapplr.in/file/dapplr-videos/sandymeyer/QxBjLsUiTRCGteOMc6YH1rFIHmDjgCnw.mp4)

Now, what can you do then!?!
Well I decided to kill it with boiling walter, injectet with a tube to the exact area the hydra stays. Then fishing it out with a net, hoping it is killed propperly and no biomass stays behing.

(Unsupported https://cdn.dapplr.in/file/dapplr-videos/sandymeyer/F9NM1TNCg2ql03iUXm5XtXUveQ1IvYfW.mp4)

Unfortinatly I was sweating and freaking out so for this operation I had no nerves to film as I was concentrated.
It worked welland now after about a month later I have not seen any hydra in the aquarium, so finger crossed.

It certenly is allways interesting to be in the world of aquakeeping. A lot of knowlage you get from it and as we all know only action has the power to change knowlage into wissdom. So look after youre pets, stay informed and take actions if needed.

Sencerly youre @sandymeyer

In outher news @bensworld and @janaliana's cat made a backflip! 👇

(Unsupported https://cdn.dapplr.in/file/dapplr-videos/sandymeyer/3UzZRinyJgyRq8tlJp6WKsmmcL1vLlc3.mp4)

And with gratetude

We say goodbye to the epic albino plecco!

  • @benswolrd keept him for about a year.
  • The fish was 15years old so had a grate life!
  • It came to my friend with the aquarium, as he and @janaliana took it over from the previos owner.

Check out how peacefull it was with this epic fish and the young cat. Something we will all miss.
@benswolrd and @janaliana, so sorry for youre lost. Lets keep him in good memorries! I am thankfull for the time I had watching this fascinating creature we called alien.

(Unsupported https://cdn.dapplr.in/file/dapplr-videos/sandymeyer/KhoJ5vFdDDhnA8WhwrA9eSgKN5BVQIVk.mp4)

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