What A Change!

What's the difference between posting on hive and posting on normal social media?

You guessed it right! it's uncensored!

So what's the difference for you to post on hive or on the centralized social media?

All of a sudden the expectation / expectations of your post, of your content rise.
It's just normal that as soon as someone pays you to do something, especially for me is the case, that you just want to do it your best.

And you will start questioning yourself: "But is it good enough for the pay I got?"

With that in mind, another good reason for you to post on hive is this.

  • The start posting
  • The yeah!
  • and just start earning!

And you start questioning the quality of your content.

You also start questioning your activities online.

For me it mostly has been consumption and that's to be honest life.

The stuff to share on Facebook and so on,- it just kind of visualizing a picture of youreselfe . You apply to you. That's not you!
I'm sorry to you then you're creating
and any other way
That's for me it was nothing sustainable.

Beeing from a photography background my main activities were photography groups.

In the beginning it's just about likes and then you start to exchange techniques or question like: hey men that's a really nice shot! how did you get that effect and things and stuff like that
It's really complicated in social media especially centralized social media, as I feel like the people are not really open and they're not really interested in sharing actual content.

It's more of a posing so I won't be... I won't be talking about posing on Facebook .

But for me all that stuff is posing. Some people say that I use Facebook for like "so I can have like a diary and I can look back what I did" and stuff and things.

But they never do that so let's be honest!

They never do that and "it's just for me"...
It's just a show and it's hypocratic.

Which brings us back to life.

So as soon as you start questioning your content

  • and your questioning the quality
  • and you questioning your consumption of the content!
  • it starts affecting you.
    it starts affecting you in a way where you start to think about:* do I really want to throw away my time for that post or post...*
    And that's the difference

So it starts coming over here, you start questioning your behavior and start to realize that actually: I do have a sense of what I want to consume online!

I was always really happy when some people wrote back.

They're like: yeah it's a long exposure! I used this settings, I used that shutter speed.

But in the end it was really blunt and most of it had not much of an Essence.

It didn't have an essence of anything real behind it,- and that brings us back to hive!

Where we start to interact with people that have the same realization like:
Why did I waste my time with that stuff when I can do real stuff!

  • When I can make real content
  • When I can have real engagement and real conversations.

Which brings us back to interact with the people that went through the same process,- that realized, that there were not really doing productive things when they could be productive, and learn from it, and have a process, and make one step further not always being stuck in a loophole.

This brings us back to the quality of engagement. We may not really have a lot of Engagement when you start
You will realize that people are really honest, really supportive.

Somebody doesn't like you this person just don't follow
You can clearly have your distance and also people are much more willing to actually interact with each other.
Meaningful supportive things!
It just feels like everything is much more real even though we have the auto votess and all that stuff and I mean everybody's doing it, I kind of do it myself and that's a whole different story...

When you start engaging with people that actually want to engage, you will find more people that share the same interest with some that have a higher knowledge.
Profiting from that knowledge it's awesome that's the point where you consume content to actually gives you something back

Now I want to take a short look at: what it is you want to post.

  • When I started asking myself *do I only want to post photography, do I use it as a personal account...

And as you can see in the name of the account, it is my name, so it is considered a personal account but it still is public which brings us back to the content I want to create.
Mainly I feel like there's a lack of positivity in the world.
When there's a lack of positivity I really want to do something that brings more positivity into the world.

So positivity as a main theme and the overall underlaying thing and the big part of the overview of my content.

  • That's a good start, that settles .
    You can build up on it and I always want to share my passion, I kind of have a lot of passions so first of all yes that's a huge passion for photography after that I'm a big nature fan. Loving loving to go outside, ethen now I am walking into the forest while I talk to my phone to write this down for me just legendary techniques.

Besides nature and photography,. Sports is a big part in my life.
I'm working as a life guard and with that said, of course swimming is a big part of my life. I usually just don't write about it because I feel like there is not a lot to write about it. But I can make a blog once about the swimmer's high, and the benefits it brings just when you go into the water and you move your body around would it be if you're a good swimmer or not. Just going in there is really good for your mind and your body.

And then with loving nature of course comes the gardening part as well!

I worked as a gardener for a few years by a good friend of mine and he teached me a lot of things. A lot of gardening I knew before that's why I got the job at his place. Starting with Bonsai quite early. I was always really into that stuff and now since half a year I own a little garden here and I started to produce some vegetables and salads and stuff. Which I'm not experienced in at all but see the results are quite nice! We can eat from it already and I shared like a few pictures of the garden already. But there's not really a lot that I shared with you about the garden yet.

So videographyis

Cutting the videos getting that music to it and creating that nice flow of the video, I quite enjoy editing and all that. As well as handling a camera, getting the perspectives, of course from a photographic background I have a bit pre knowledge of that, but I realized that when you have to move your camera, there's a lot more to talk about perspective.

Now that has just been too long but basically what I want to say in this blog is: that I'm really thankful for the change of mind hive gave me or brought me. The change of mind about the internet consumption, what content I want to support and how I want to support it, And of course how much time and effort I want to bring into it.

  • With that set there is the increment of quality that has been an increasement of thought I put into a blog or I put into my actions and sometimes I am a bit more busy and sometimes not but that's of course just how life goes.

  • I feel like I really could reach a lot of people over here so that's the reason why we're going to start producing some videos and we're going to be more consistent.

If you actually read through all of that I'm hoping it hasn't been too much of a chaos.

  • Anyways I really enjoyed it and I hope you did too.

So next time it's going to be more compact content and a lot more positivity.

We are still waiting for the lens of our 360 camera and as soon as that one arrives we're going to have some positivity talks with my girlfriend!
Some of you may already know her (she is on hive) and for the ones that don't know her...

I'm going to leave it open as a surprise you're going to figure it out in the future.

Stay happy and healthy 🍀


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