Growing Oyster Mushrooms In My Livingroom! And Explaining The Symbiose Between Pinus Silvestris And Mycel!

What a week!

So today, for #fungifriday:

  • See how it all begins with the oyster mushrooms in my livingroom!
  • And have a dive into the eorld of bonssi snd hie it relates to #fungilovers

The set-up!

  • It is prewaltered
  • The only task was to cut a x for the fungi to start flowering
  • From now on walter twice a day!

Check out how nice this mycel looks!

  • I clumbed some off and planted it to a bonsai!
  • More about that in future Blogs!

Waltering time!

  • In 10 days it should be ready to hearvert!

And now also some related topic I am exited about!

Bonsai Pinus Silvestris growing strong with mycel!

A symbiose not a lot of people are aware of!

  • In nature they grow with a lot of fungi
  • With the roots they connect
    It is ssid that a tree gives the fungi up to 80% of its sugar reserve!
  • In exchange the fungi provides defense mechanisms for the roots
  • And it provides the abbillity to connect to a wider range into the forest
  • This gelps the tree for example to prepare for a certain kind of pest
  • As he gets noticed trough the mycel system!

Here we are in a pot, but I have noticed, the better the mycel grows, the better the pinus silvestris looks.

Can you spot the mycel in the substrate?

As you made it this fare

  • #caturday preview!
  • As a bonus for you
  • Have a grate one!

So stay healthy and happy

Remember, we are one comment away from meeting each outhers

  • I am allways active in the comment section
  • Everyone gets a !BEER

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