Aquarium Video!?! Relaxing, And Fascinating Blue Shrimps!?!

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It was certenly time to get some plants out, so I riped a lot of the vegetation out and brought it to @bensworld who just moved a few blocks away from me!

After the waterchange

  • The fishtank looks like this, plants need to be replanted hahah
  • but more about that in the next video.

In this clips you see how well the shrimps are developing. I am geting more and more wildfirms with the neo cardinas, but that is due to that I don' t call them as you say 🌈
Also a wild observation where two helena snails (predaptorsnails) catch and eat a shrimp! That is rare and the first time I catched it on video!

Thamks for tuning in and see you soon in the next awuarium Vlog!?!

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