@dapplr Feedback And A Little Thank You 🤠

Today is a happy day, after some time I made it into the hot section. That is awsome!

I have been using the app a lot to browse, comment and of course post.
Here a few points I see potential in fixxing.

A bug I recent descovered.

  • I made a responce to a comment of a post with a lot of comments on.
  • After that I scrolled all the way down to responce to anouther comment, after the reply it took me all the way up to the first comment mentioned above.
  • This made me scroll all the way down (a long way) to bee continue the comment browsing.

It would be much better if it would not take ma all the way up after responding. How that happens, I do not know.

Hopefully it helps fixxing that by reporting to @dapplr.

Also, we are still only able to select only 4 pictures at the time in editor mode.

To get arround this...

  • I found out that when you sellect more than 4 images in youre gallery on android, and then share it with @dapplr you are able to upload much more images at once.
  • Note that this ways the order is not as you sellect it (which it is in editor mode: first sellected image uploaded first, second sellected immage uploaded second...) but related to the time and date of the file.

It would be awsome if we increase the amount of images per upload, lets say to 10 instead of the 4 images limit.

@dapplr gets 50% of the post rewards for all the hard work 🤠
Daim, I just discovered anouther issue!

  • I set @dapplr as benefactor default, the usual 5%
  • Now when I want to increase this it won't let me becouse you are qlready a benefactor set at 5%

Sollution, it would be much easier when you can edit the amount ethen when you are set as a benefactor already.
Outher ways paople will not do it as they would need to go back and set you as a default benefactor off to be sble to increase the % amount for a specific post.
Like me , I am to lassey to do this because afterwords I would have to det you back as a benefactor default.
So I just send you 10 Hive with the mome of this post 🤠
All the best, keep it up 💯

Love tha app, I have two refferals now, and will continue pusing @dapplr!

There is a fanpage!

You can buy me berries now!

Welcome to my OnlyFans BuyMeBerries (Hive Service) Supporters page!

So stay healthy and happy

Remember, we are one comment away from meeting each others

  • I am allways active in the comment section
  • Everyone gets a !BEER

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