Three Topshots With The 50mm Lens!?! How To Express!?!

Lets jump sraight into it, the first frame is about debth of field.

  • The main part of the image is highlighted thanks to the lens 🐝 ng quiet wide open.
  • This creates space for the viewer or observer of the image to interpret his own emotions or memories in the exact moment they view it the first time.
  • Having a image with expression, this technic is learned quick but takes practice to perfect.


Next we hafe a framing situation.

  • By this I mean how to fram a image to express the most.
  • Often I say to beginners, if you frame it, go a bit to the side so youre main subject looks into the image.
  • This creates again space for the viewer.
  • People like space in images for them to conect, and this happens in secunds, subcontents.
  • Try it and let me onow hoe you use framing!?!


A shillouette is never wrong.

  • Ethen the details are quiet vissible, but an outher example of how space is needed sor expression!
  • As you can see there are many ways to be expressive, with all varibles beeing combinable.
  • This is the fascinated ng thing about photography for me.
  • The more I discore myself, the more it comes to life through my art.


All images are produced by @sandymeyer 😎

Thanks for having a look and let me inow youre thoughts on how to be expressive!?!