Epic Sceene On Lake Zürich!

This is one place with many memories, as I grew up near this place and ehere here in the sommer all the time.

Later in life my mom ethen worked here for a few years as a lifeguard.

What a great day with verry photogenic clouds.

It shure is a nice place!

  • Lets see some more shots!

This time of the year the sunsets are not so collourfull but in spring the sun rises just behind the mountains in this view. A spectacle often rnjoyed by me in the early morninghouers.

This reminds me on the time I still worked as a chef and was kind of living on the edge of society. A part of me still misses those houers I spent in nature and on the lake, it was a diffrend kind of freedom, a feeling of not having to justefy anything to anyone.

Hey we have that here on hive as well hahhaha

  • Still nature is a important resource of energy in my life.

So much about the clouds so now lets wrap this up and see you soon 🙂

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All images are photographs produced by @sandymeyer

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