Balkoney Gardening! Cultivating A Rock! Did You Know I Grow Bonsai Since 6 Years!?!

The fascination of nature

  • At home to enjoy every day!
  • Watching natures power first hand
  • Experiencing the cycles of nature through the year.

This one is started last year.

  • Rock of fossiles planted with sedom and moos.
  • This year I try to cultivate anouther succulent plant on the rock.

It is a alpine plant that grows in the mountains here in switzerland.

Here you see from diffrend angles how it grows on the rock.

And here...

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Some impressions of my succulent alpine plants on the balkoney.

  • Grown with love

Two of a kind sedom and some lovley moss.

Fossiled korall with alpine plants.

  • Mostly small growing once planted here as it is intedned to be a minature planting.

Assome growth on this one!

  • So here and there I can harverst some for outher plantings.
  • I use it for decoration on for some bonsai.

Here a bit further away so you can see it grew verry healthy this sommer.

Suspected growth next year.

  • This one is in the same family, and I think next year it will make some babies as well :)

Thuja bonsai

  • One of my favorite tree here
  • More about bonsai in future blogs!

And here some tools, tgat you know I am serious about this hahahah

Prepare for some Bonsai real talk!

So stay healthy and happy

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All images are photographs produced by @sandymeyer

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