The first Swiss Hive Meet Up was a sucsess!

So me and @yangyanje went for a complete freestyle program.

Check also his last post for more insights.

Next to do is distributing the badges to all participents and prepare some tasks where they can recive up to 1000 HP delegations as a reward provided by me.

The plan is to help new users from switzerland with a little boost and also to help them find their community and discover all the amazing things you can do on the chain.

Also a little recap:
It was so nice to see people acctualy are realy interested in all the options. So next time we are planing the evening in more details, with a presentation from me and @yangyanje and some tasks like write a interduceyourselfe in a comunity youre interested in.

That way we are not overwelming people with all the infos we have, keep it engaging and also have some time to realy explain everything.

It was a great experience and I am so happy that all of you where there!
Beautifull people that are likeminded and ready to take ownership back to us, the beautifull people.

I see so much potential in our comunity and as time goes, we switch to swiss german posts in here.

I will upload some videos in swiss german here explaining the introduce yourselfe tradition and how to post with the wright tags for youre content.


Also you may noticed there is a swiss hive token.

You can earn this token by using the tags swiss switzerland or schweiz.

It is meant to suport the comunity.

Future plans for the token are in progress.

Now I would like to ask you to leave a coment if you are aligable for a badge from us.

Some swiss german:
Freue mich sinder alli da, ich tage extra niemert und lahn eu de post finde. Spötistens nögscht meetup muen jede da en komentar hinterlah.

Da chönder au ide comunity direkt en post mache wenner frage hend. Mir werden euses beschte tue zum euch z suport wommer chend.

Bis bald ihr liebe
Greez 🍻


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So stay healthy and happy

Remember, we are one comment away from meeting each others

  • I am allways active in the comment section
  • Everyone gets a !BEER

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