Biometric Login For Hive! New Concept To Simplify Key Managment For New Users! What Do You Think About The Idea!?!

So the idea is simple.
Use youre finerprint to log in any hive dapp or app.

How to make that possible?

I am not shure...
Maybe adding it to the hive key chain would be an option.

The idea is to make it much more easy for new users to log in and ethen more important, store their keys.
I am convinced that the avarege user will use this is likely as it would be a more straight forward process.

I know it would not be the sollution for most of us, but thinking about new users, and how they strugle to get started in the beginnings,- it would make it easyer.

Of course the problem would be how to make it secure and rellyable, but I am shure tgat we have some verry passionate intelligent builders among us hahaha 😆

Hive deffinetly has the potential to adopt the mass, as this feature could be added to all the dapps and apps at once.

A way to do this would also be adding biometric login to hivesigner.

Now let me know youre thoughts about the idea, and maybe something grate evolves on the idea!

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