Aquarium Plant Growth! And Fish In Quarantine!

So a lot is happening an thats the news!

First casens of bacterial infections.

  • We wanted to add 20 red neon tetras.
  • During the transport (20min) they stressed out.
  • So when we arrived home all of them where white- almost no more blue to see.
  • No panic, we were prepared.

But more to that in the second part of this blog, first some plant updates.

All is growing well, and is happy with the phosphor ferteliser.

Plants are taking off!

  • So happy to see the progress of some plants.
  • All of them look realy healthy with a good collour.

First of all here a little series.

Snail predetor

  • This one eats hunts and eats snails.
  • 👇 Best population control :)

Hellena snail. 👇

Next impression:

Shrimps old skin.

  • They look like ghosts
  • Fish and shrimps eat it later so no worries.
  • In fact it is beneficial for them 🥺
  • So do not remove 👇 and do not freak out, this is normal hajaja.


The fish baby station!

  • Pregnant guppy in there to let her fry go safly 👇

In outher news:

Shrimps feel at home!

  • As we see them more and more wandering around.
  • Good signs that they feel safe 👇

Some tipps and tricks!


Grate for the fish and the shrimps love it. Also it helps shrimps to shread their skin. 👇 And it looks epic!

Random pic.

Blue pearl Shrimp!

  • We have 5 of them in there.
  • And two are egg carying females!


No idea how its called in english...

The witcherwels!

  • Yeah will grow up to 12cm!
  • We have 4 of them in here.
    Some are darken and some brighter.
    And I think it is a male and three females.

Here anouther one on the ground... Can you see him? 👇

Check this one out!


  • Not much to say, it grows like a lot.
  • Or it does not as in my old thank I had no luck with it.
  • Led certenly does the job!

And with a blue pearl shrimp it looks so epic!

  • Thes love to grass on the roots that make this floating plant so uniqe!

And the way it grows into the mos is just so dreamy, I looove it! 👇

By the way check out this one I made hahahah 👇

The sworm..

Feeling it!

  • They certenly make use of their space and enjoy the peace and swimming hahaha

Anouther angle of the

Breeding net addition delux.

Alsoskme leaves from the woods...

Oak tree leaves.

  • Please correct me if I write laughable.
  • Also verry beneficial for the walter parameters.
  • Can be dryed and added or collected during autom 👇
  • And yes looks so nice and decorative.

Forrgot how this plat was called..

But in the end it grows!

  • After a long start it finnaly did grow and yeah it did a lot!
  • Looking verry nice and interesting.
  • Can not wait for it to get bigger!

Short second for appreciating the frogbites..

Epic roots! 👇

Swarm is dooing its thing...

Swiming in a unit.

  • Verry estetic! 👇🥺

Here you can see:

The clearness.

  • As all the spots are air bubbles in the walter!
  • 👇

And some roots are growing epic!

Farn is growwing nicly.

So does the

Anubia in the woods.

Farn is showing some👇

new leafes!

While the roots of this anubia 👇 nearly reaches the ground!

This one 👇 is a small growing anubia, showing some growth on the roots as well.

And at least the big farn that attaches to a rock can soon be reliefed from the strings currently holding it 👇

Now to the Quarantined Fish!

Well that happes.

  • The best you can do is be prepared.

On the left 👆 we have the quarantined 30liters.

The walter looks like this because of the treatment. 👇

It looks like you have added markers collour. Crazy!
The fish will stay in there for 2 weeks and the join the outhers in the big tank.

Here 👇 you can see the tank from the image abeve on the right side. It is a 25l and has a pregnant guppy in there. No treatments in this tank, and thick olantspace for the young to hide from the mouther as she will eat them for shure if they are not quick enough!
Wow that was a long sentence!

Well now that you made it this fare, here a gem for you

A hidden cokie!

  • Check out this video I made today!
    Ps, this is a LBRY 👆 link because, well I tryed @dapplr and normaly it works, and before I tryed @ecency and had the normal network error like allways.

Maybe I can add the video later when I eddit this blog...
Till then..

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