My First Beer Post!

So last week @detlev invited me so who am I to let this one pass.

A true hiver needs !BEER after all.

I still don't drink but we have beer in the fridge for guests.

I present to you the Appenzeller beer.

  • A faumes beer made in a speciffic region of switzerland - Appenzell.
  • They brew a lot of diffrend special beers.
  • I love the one they make with marijuanaplants, the taste is just so nice.
  • this one is a special honey beer. 👇

Today I am making osso buca with honey beer!

Here a little clip of the kitchen madness.


It was verry tasty, served with mashed potatos instead of polenta as side dish.

Back to the 🍻 !BEER
I noticed they have a special cover with sone deep mesage hiden.
Check ou this clip! 👇


On the revealed label it says tht you do not have to kill a bee when it gets to close, they only sting when you threten them. Stay calm and tgey will fly away.

With that said I wish you a.plesant sonday, #hivefive and all the best 🍀

Ps thank you @detlev for the nomination last week.

Besser spät als nie hahhaha
Frezt mich dich hier zu kennen und ich werde sowas von dein Buch mit hive bestellen! Klingt echt interesant!

Mit dem gesagt, bleibt happy und gesund, bis bald 🍀


There is a fanpage!

You can buy me berries now!

Welcome to my OnlyFans BuyMeBerries (Hive Service) Supporters page!


So stay healthy and happy

Remember, we are one comment away from meeting each others

  • I am allways active in the comment section
  • Everyone gets a !BEER

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