SEO for Hive!

Here I`ll explain my atempt of

SEO for Hive!

As this is a way to help out Hive! I have to try it.

And write about it as this is the best way to improve in both directions.

  • As I understand the Titel of a post goes into the URL.
  • Which means we can influence the SEO for Hive! with our post-titels.
  • Short direct titels are better for search engines to work with.

The atempt:

As fare as I understand it is important to be speciffic with a possibly wide range of vocabular added.

  • Which means for me a lot of diffrend titels with photography related vocabulary.
  • Shorter Titels from now on.

Daily double exposure for YOU.

The sceene was magical and the skys where so impressive that evening. It is a thrill everytime I go sunsethunting. You never know exactly what to expect. Sometimes the sky lights up red for just a few minutes which enables me to capture about three nice double exposures, with that time given. Painting with clouds gets such a rush with the build up, from going to a good location, setting gear right to catching that moment you`ve been waiting for. #photographylovers

erster mai 2020 rheinfall12.jpg Please view in full screen.

Hoppefully this was helpfull for you

Thank you for having a look!

and if youre new here WELCOME.

All images are photographs produced by @sandymeyer

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Art helps to communicate and understand without words.

In a world where words are no longer valued as desirable, images speak clearly.


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