Epic Predator Snails! Natural Ballance In The Aquarium!

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Here is a clip that shows how the Helena snails are developing. It is (as mentioned in the title) a predator snail. I keep them as a pest control, just like in nature.

You see in the clip I have a lot of fish. This results un me feeding a lot. The shrimps and the snails eat the leftovers of the fishfood. This is awsome.

The snails that eat the leftovers are a normal pest you can hardly avoid. They get in youre tank by plants bought in pet stores or aquaristic stores. It is nearly impossible to avoid as often they come in as eggs and develop fast in youre aquarium after hatching.

This is the mail reason to keep some Helena (or any predator snail) (I do not know outhers but for shure there must be more) in a ecosystem as big as that one.

A invasion of snails can escalade quickly. The more I am happy that the Helena's are reproducing in the awuarium. This is epic as I think it is luck with a strong genetic.

Thankys for having a look and see you soon 🍀

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