Aple Juice On The Way Home: How Swiss Farmer Trust Everyone, And It Is Tradition.

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On the way home there is nothing better than geting some fresh aple juice from the farmer next door.
After an awsome day in the forest with the e-bike, thirst is up and sugar level is low. Aple juice helps that hahah

In this clip you see how the farmers sell their goods and products directly, on a self responible way.
They place everything there, open to take and leave a place for you to but in the money for youre purchase.
We have stores like this all over switzerland. A lot of farmer sell hand-tied bouquets made from rare local flowers.
A lot if them are changing to a vending machine variante, but I realy like the traditional way of trust and moral. It has a long tradition here in switzerland.

Clips are made with my phone 🍻

Have a good one,
stay happy wnd healthy 🤠

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