PUD 200 HP just for taking part in Power up day!

As I powered up a lot this month

  • I reached orca status last week
  • Yesterday was officialy my first year on the chain!

Lets go for whale!

  • and keep powering up!
  • this power up day with 200 HIVE!
  • so fare the chain wouldnt let me power this 200 HP up as I have only 70% voting mana.
  • strange somehow as my resource mana is 100%.
  • will try again later, hopefully suceed before the end of the day!

Here one of my favorite Pictures at the moment

  • to cellebrate this awsome chain we call our home.

Yes I post on Hive! exclusivly!

  • as I strongly believe in the comunitys here.

doppelbelichtung escherwyssplatz1.jpg
Photographed by @sandymeyer

It is also part in a photobook

  • but this book is not for the public.

As I have plans to write a big photobook and there is a lot to try out in relation of format, prints and all that.
The book will be with a lot of double exposures, telling a story throughout. The images are suport(h)ive to the text and the story is verry honest and personal.

Here the same image in the book

  • I love the frame a lot as it has a lot of movement and is so quiet in the same time.

Image by @sandymeyer

It is a big process to write this book

  • I`ll keep you updated here on my blog!

All images are photographs produced by @sandymeyer

Check my portfolio

Art helps to communicate and understand without words.

In a world where words are no longer valued as desirable, images speak clearly.


Swiss Hive2.png

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