The Shadows Of Four Hive Users!?!

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I wish it was not that kind of a story to tell you here but this is how it all happend from the beginning.

First there was an encounter at the skatepark.

  • Thats where I met @yanyanje for the first time.
  • He shot some photos of me and my brother and ethen posted a portrait of us on the old chain, the one we do not speak off anymore,- justin.
  • Little did we know of whats about to happen.

A friend from work.

  • Was @clau-de-sign before @miraicastle inteoduced me to him and i created a hive acount for him.
  • He fits perfectly here as a painter and by most a filmmaker.

My Powerlady

  • Last there is @miraicastle, working in the hospital due to her studies.
  • She has a hive acount for a while now and started posting again!
  • As a creative and verry aware person she fits here also more than perfect.

Thats the setting, whats the story?

  • Me and @yangyanje met for some aftertalk about our first swiss hive meetup.
  • After that we ran into @clau-de-sign at a organic foodstore near the station.
  • Minutes after that @miraicastel arrived at the train station.
  • We where all verry happy too se each outhers and decided to have dinner at our place.

We did not expect that we ever get into such a big fight.

Thats why we did not, everything was cool as allways.

Now let me ask you, do you expect something bad was going to happen.

Because it did not, it was just an amazing evening with beautifull people.

The clips are some shots from our shadows during the walk after dinner.

Have a wonderful time everybody and don't expect something the worst in everything hahahahah


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