Mushrooms in the woods with natural spotlight!!!

I love this serie and it`s so much fun going out there and dive into the woods.

Zürich, Switzerland

This are the results of a little walk, a few days ago, throu the woods. I hope you enjoy the nature and if you have any specific question about photography feel free to ask me anything :)


Spotlight on for the first group of mushrooms :)

so the search for the little spotlights began...
Pilze-4.jpg view in full screen ;)

Not long and anouther beautifull scenerie

Nice little mushrooms that grow on the roots of the pine thres
Pilze-1.jpg view in full screen ;)

there are a lot of all these :)

but not in a good light, so I picked e few for you :)
Pilze-3.jpg view in full screen ;)

So dramatic, like in a opera he stands and slowley dies...

Pilze-8.jpg view in full screen ;)

Just some feathers from last nights dinner ;)

I wonder if it was a fox or a cat...
Pilze-10.jpg view in full screen ;)

I love the spotlight on this group.

Pilze-13.jpg view in full screen ;)

and the spotlight hiting this little fella :)

Pilze-14.jpg view in full screen ;)

Yes, there where a lot of these

Its still pretty worm that is why we still have these mushrooms around :)
Pilze-16.jpg view in full screen ;)

Are they not wonderfull!?!

If you are patiently enough, the sun will be the perfect spotlight for you to take a stunning photography.
Pilze-17.jpg view in full screen ;)

Littlt giant

this was one of the bigger ones I found on this walk. They grow in dark places.
Pilze-24.jpg view in full screen ;)

to put some dimension here are my shoes :)

Pilze-20.jpg view in full screen ;)

and more shoes

Pilze-21.jpg view in full screen ;)

If you made it this far...

THANK you so much, I hope you like it :)
Pilze-6.jpg view in full screen ;)

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