Making Sourdough Bread 🍞 And Geting Lost With A Knife! 🔪

Making bread 🍞

Using the souerdough mentioned in one of my recent blogs.

  • The dough rises for a long time.
  • And gets verry chrunchy.

Here a little tipp on:

How to cut a bread before baking.


The cut clearly visibla during the baking process.

As allways we keep some souerdough in a jar for next time we make bread.

For the first baking periode I set the ofen to 230°C and place a metall container with walter in the ofen.
After 25 minutes I take out the waltercontainer and set the ifen to anouther 25 minutes at 180°C.

After cooling down it is the best fresh with some organic cherry 🍒 marmelade and butter.

Check out how nice it looks after baking!

And also how nice it chrunches!
This is some of the nice moments in life hahah love it!


Geting lost with a knife

As you saw in the first video

  • the knife I used to cut the bread is quiet pretty.
  • Having it in the kitchen with this black background inspired me to take a few shots of the knife with my smartphone.

Some nice perspectives and a few diffrend angles.

The knife is a sollid build and relyable on any trip for verrios tasks.

Tha handle is verry comfterbal and feels good during intense use of the knife.
Verry goid handling, the knife feels like an extantion in youre hand. Probably it would be to small for some people but for mee the size is perfect 🙂

The knife itselfe is verry straight and sharp. Perfect to cut ropes or meat and to curve wood.

Thanks for having a look and

Have a grate one!

  • The souerdoughbread was awsome ethen a few days later!

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So stay healthy and happy

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