Lets Share Some Funny Face Swaps!

I just remembered today how much fun these are!

A community for face swapers!

  • This should be a place where we all have fun and respect each outhers.
  • Create a funny face swap image and share it here!
  • Did you know you can also make face swap videos!?!

Share youre face swap videos in the community using @threespeak!

So here my first piece of face swap madness for you!

Mom I'm on the frontpage!

  • P.M. is a awsome magazin I love to read.
  • Totaly could recomqnd it to everyone interested in science and understands german.
  • Maybe some of the #dach know it 🍻


Also check this one!

You can share images and allow the community to faceswap with that image!

  • A part of the fun is to share cool images and let outhers create something funny with it!
  • Share a image and use the tag #faceswapme so everyone knows you are giving permission.
  • The good manner of course is to tag a account you use a image of, and maybe ethen benefactor some of the post rewards.

Use #faseswapme to provide permission to the community to use youre image.


Its going to be a lot of fun!

  • And I can not wait to see all the funny images you will come up with!

Without further introduction, lets start the fun!

50% post rewards to boost the community account @hive-186555

Greez Sandy 🍀