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Sometimes it gets late...

  • Artistic portrait

Working as a photographer can be tough. Long houers and strange demands from costumers. It can be stressfull if you have a full day shooting with a lot of diffrend sceenes. Sometimes it makes you feel like the value in none existens in the work youre doing. Feeling like a machine for products, companies and costumers.
The more you dive in, the more you notice the emtiness in the eyes of the acters in this absurd comercial-game played by companies with the only porpus to sell you products you don`t need.

So a short day shooting means you get up at
06:00, grab youre equipment
07:00, Location set up
08:00, start shooting 30 min each model
12:00, lunch
12:30, Meeting
13:00, shooting
17:00, pack my equipment
18:00, Go Home

On long days it will be until 22:00 or later.
So what I wane say is that there is something that fundamental stops me from doing this payed shootings anymore which is wy I`m rebranding and start to do some workshops again.

  • A new area, on the old road.

As the first payed jobs I did in photography was co-hosting a workshop. It was about extreme appartures. So I did Firebreathing and the students could practice with verry fast appartures. After sunset we began with long exposures. So lightpainting was a big part of that in this time.

The Future

  • Update website with workshops.
  • Provide world wide shipping for prints.

And of course push Hive!

  • stay safe and hive five

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Art helps to communicate and understand without words.

In a world where words are no longer valued as desirable, images speak clearly.

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