Let's Welcome The New Giant Blue Shrimps With A Welcome Tour Of The Aquarium!

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So happy about the growth of our aquarium family.
Today we went to the local fish store with @bensworld (check his blog to see what he bought for his angel epic fish tank) and boy did we get lucky!

Enjoy the video where the new shrimps are released into their new home. The video contains a over all tour of the aquarium and some fish are in the spotlight.
Guess how many fish are in this habitat now.
The video was filmed during sunset, yes we have a sunset in the aquarium. Why you ask? Well the light is a led with special lightspectrum. Controled by a little modem where you can fit in the code to program every lightpanel (this one has 3) to simulate diffrend light conditions.
This is a feature so worth the investion (it does cost something) as the cycels of the light are so nice to watch. The light realy behaves like natural light during a daycycle with some clouds in the afternoon to safe some energy.
More about the details regarding the importance of lightcycles (and mooncycles) in future blogs. I keep you up to date 🍻

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