Point Of View Skatesurf Vlog!?! Rare Perspective!?! Close Call!?!

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What a great day so lets


  • I felt like it so yes, one more session with the Harley Davidson boots hahah.
  • In this clips I coment on some moves while skating
  • My goal with this video is to show non skaters a perspective they could not experience outherwise.
  • Let me know if you want more of this and I will do my best to delliver, as allways 🍀

Powerslides and close call!?!

All of that in one video! This is a compact vlog, let me know if you like it, I love community feedback, and any critic is a good way for me to improve!

So by leaving youre comment you are giving me the opportunity to improve!

Thanks for watching, and see you soon!

greez sandy 🍀🐝😎

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