It is time to go on tour!?! Call for action!?!

Actualy this is a post dedicated to one person. He is a inspiration and I am so thankfull to have someone like him living so close.

The story...

  • After living here over a year we finaly met in the garage.
  • He has a talent and we share a lot of intrests.
  • And he recently got his hive account!


First visit.

  • The first time I was invited to @lukasbachofner, I imediatly noticed all the nice images he has printed out and placed on his walls all over.
  • A lot of black and white photography. Something I strugle with.
  • Impressed of his skills, I had to ask him if he wants to join hive. (short story)


Welcome him with a hallo, he also speaks spanish and german!

  • As you can see in his profile @lukasbachofner he is dedicated and has an amazing photographic view!
  • There is so much he has to yet tell and show you so make shure to stay tuned!


One message.

  • @lukasbachofner whats up, we need to make a phototour in the new year, you up for it?
  • Phototours are the best. It is a nice way for photographers to share some views, perspective instinkts are trained that way. It is as simply as freshing up the routine by sharing the habbits with each outhers.

Here again a non collour version of the frame above.
Of course this location would be a great place to shoot some crazy frames.

This images are shot with my phone. Using the Canon with the tilt and shift lens will for shure be some fun and a garanteed photo rush hahha


Thanks for checking out this post and see you soon people.
Let me know how you frame black and white images!