Epic Walter Change Of Heavy Planted Aquarium! Behind The Sceenes! Rare View Of The Aquarium!

It is time again to do some

Walter change!

  • As we do this to keep quality wright.

As I drain the tank, the wonderfull topview is stunning!

Ther is so much growth happening since thi last time I bloged wbout this tank!

Yes, you can see in my blog the setup, the beginning of this aquarium.

Sharing here and there some pictures of the progress and growth of the awuarium.

The collour of the plants is verrs intense and looks healthy.

I love the view from top but as there is so much dust, I dare to keep it open in feat of contamination.

We make a walterchange of about a third of the total watervolume.

Looking good after the walter change.

In outher news:

We have a dehumidefier for the air now.

Cool maschiene.

Easy to use and nice looking designe.

And it is low energy, but we will see about that hahah.

Here some describtions. 👇

And more describtions 👇

We bought this as we noticed some mould in our new flat!

Creepy to desciver this!

But nothing a bit of chavel can't fix ahhaha. Cl2 the best hahah

Thanks for having a look , have a grate one! 🍀

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So stay healthy and happy

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