We Have 69 Fish Now! What A Grate Start! Epic Aquarium Update! Hive Only Blog!

(Unsupported https://cdn.dapplr.in/file/dapplr-videos/sandymeyer/oFK0dnwh98h5ShoiBN8otCPlrECDASP2.mp4)

So time goes by and the plants grow in!

I love to watch things grow!

  • It is so rewarding!
  • Finaly the walter is ready for some life!

Much has happened so lets recap with some behind the sceenes...

(Unsupported https://cdn.dapplr.in/file/dapplr-videos/sandymeyer/IFGAqWI52XnbjQtuL18zXci4aMz7yQ1E.mp4)

After adding a few fish from my outher tanks, I added anouther 20 tetras.
Also a few more amano shrimps and a few planteater.
Grate video to look back in a fee years from now 😆

(Unsupported https://cdn.dapplr.in/file/dapplr-videos/sandymeyer/hNnhLrc73CtYYWj8jxqoiOfYeogZUipJ.mp4)

Some of the shrimps are from my older aquarium as well and their seize is epic!

(Unsupported https://cdn.dapplr.in/file/dapplr-videos/sandymeyer/poh5pF0T7lMXlNFbGIqGTJCjevIYcypm.mp4)

So this is hoe it looks today!

Spotlights for nightly display.

  • The lamps are fishfriendly hahaha 🍀

And here we have the wonderfull planteater!

I love the view of the aquarium right now so much!

And some more planteaters. Ten of them are living here for now.

So not to tecnical today!?!


  • And a lot to come!

There is so much to catch up. New fish, new technical insights, testing the walter, and all thet nerd talk. But we will delliver it in peaces so stay tuned fur some awsome insight tipps and tricks all about natural sweetealter aquarium.

Thank you for having a look and see you later!

  • Have a good one!

(Unsupported https://cdn.dapplr.in/file/dapplr-videos/sandymeyer/6ZUg4Bjf3M4b83b8yX62dSPU5ZKREfkN.mp4)

There is a fanpage!

You can buy me (and my fish) berries now!

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So stay healthy and happy

Remember, we are one comment away from meeting each others

  • I am allways active in the comment section
  • Everyone gets a !BEER

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