Aquarium Update! Walterchange And How To Make Epic Black Walter! Hive Only Blog!

Hi all and I hope you had a grate one!

A lot is happening in the aquarium!

  • The walter has now a Ph of 7.2
  • The Gh and Kh are in a sweetspot as well.

This first load of fish is enjoying themselfes in the tank. They show natural behavior and eat well. The walter parameters are grate but as we are still in the seting up phase hiting the second month since we started this waltercircle.

The bacteria needed fot a stabile biological filtration have developed well. I can see that on the glass and feel it as well, it is verry slidy, but still fully transperant.

So lets make a walterchange!

👆 On the left side I am using a sponge to drain the aquarium. This is to prevent shrimps or fish from ending up as ferteliser for my plants on the balkoney as I walter all plants there with the drained walter from the aquarium.

👇 Here you can see my construstion for the walterchange. Is is build to use with as least effort as possible. Also it is safe for all lives in the aquarium, and does not stress them out.

Note: this is a walterchange and does not replace the groundwork you have to do here and there.

There is not a lot of contamination on the ground. With outher words, the system needs this wastes from the fish to be able to develop the benneficial bacteria against waist, nitrit and nitrat and so on.

👆 Here you can see the transparent bio film on the glass.

Also a rare look is into the drained aquarium here 👇

After draining we add tapwalter directly and untreated.

  • We make this with as least noise as possible and not with to much walterpressure so we do not stress the fishes.

While filling it up with untreated tap walter we add some magic for the bacteria fish and plants.

👆 From left to right we have some magic to remove the Cl (chlorid) from the walter, then we have a fishfriendly ferteliser (this one works real magic once a week at a minimum doseage), and some filter bacteria kickstarter.

👆 Please note that I hate product placments and I only show this for informational reasons. Thank you.

As a last step of the walterchange

  • We make black walter!
  • How do we do this?

Let me show you my process here:

First we need some goods from mother nature

  • Do you know this one? 👇

It is the europian black alder tree! (Alnus glutinosa)

We look for low branches so we do not have to climb. These are perfect 👆

👇 Quiet happy with what we got so fare.

  • We only take the ones from the tree itself as they contain the most conzentration of that black walter magic.

👇 You can see it grows in aboundand here!

There are about five big alders here so I took quiet the amount and also could select the rich ones.

Back home 👇 we boil some walter and add al we have from mother nature. 👇

Placing a plate on top so it is all submerged.

Then filling it up in bottels for storage.

Quiet happy with the amount so @bensworld gets about two liters of it as well.

After filtration the leftovers go to the compost. I could add some of those to the aquarium as well for decorational reasons as well as benneficial ones as it provides more ground for bacteria wich serves the walterquality and the foodchain in the tank as well. But I decided to do this next time.

So that is my process of black walter production.

Back to the walter change!

  • We add 100ml of the concentrate to the 180 liter tank.
  • Enjoying the moment with some radio background.

Spoon Radio on DAB 🍀


Fishes are happy and healthy

  • See you next time for a awsome update and some insights.
  • Showing you my way of aquaristic.
  • Blog on Hive! only!

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So stay healthy and happy

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