Crazy Winter Sceenes!?! Relaxing Video With Beautifull Images Of Joy!?!

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Respect to @miraicastel, she learned the ripsurf with no preskillz, she is not a skater or a sniwboarder.

  • In the video she is Ripsurfing in the rain!
  • 20% of the post rewards go to her for the great progress!

I will keep this descriprion short as I get bugs on the page sometimes when I upload a video and dellete a letter in the text the site freezes.
This is the fourth time uploading this hahah well lets hope this one gets through haha

greez, all the best and see you soon to anouther vlog!

Swiss HIVE meetup is on the 25.1.22 and I am so exidet for that one hahah
but more about that soon 🍀

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