Geting Back On Track With Double Exposure! Hive Only Blog! 8 Images On Hive Exclusive!

Many of you know me because of my photography.

  • So it is time to get the camera out again.
  • I needed some time off the camera to just find the flow again and now it is time to be creative again.
  • Double exposure is my main addiction!

Double Exposure!

  • Is made in camera by shoting two images on the same negativ.
  • This requires some knolage about exposure and a feeling for light in general.
  • I love the possebillitys perspective and paterns have in double exposure.
  • I would describe my artwork as sureal realism.
  • It fascinates how a image can tell a whole story or bring you somwhere you have forrgotten about.

  • all images made with a canon eos r.

2021 -5.jpg

@janaliana chilling on the rooftop of @clau-de-sign!

  • Yes I double exposure everything!

2021 -6.jpg

Awsome light, but it is bright!

  • This angle is just perfect for the sunset to reflect on the building and make a epic motive.
  • A classic wide angle panorama double exposure hahah.

2021 -4.jpg

The view!

  • This is the view shot so you see how epic the refflection is!
  • Moments like this can not be planed, but you can increase the possebillities for the to happen.

2021 -1.jpg

Geometric Perspective!

  • How I missed loosing myselfe in the world of perspective and patterns.
  • Dough it got over my had so the break was certenly needed and a blessing.

2021 -7.jpg

The Church During Sunset.

  • I love the clouds in this one, maybe I print that one some day soon.

2021 -8.jpg

Do you like symetric?

  • Then this shot(s) is one for you!
  • Clouds in fast movment and still such a calm image.

2021 -2.jpg

Thanks for having a look and see you soon!

  • I blog on Hive only so it won`t be long ;)
  • Stay healthy and happy!


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All images are photographs produced by @sandymeyer

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