First Year On Hive! Powerup-quickie before the HF! 34`000 Hivepower! +EPIC+10 HD Pics!

Finaly above 30`000 Hivepower!

  • after one year on the chain.

It is grate to see Hive growing.

  • there are so many promessing projects
  • so many fun communitys to discover
  • and ethen fun weekly contests to participate in!

Thinking about moving to @threespeak

  • I have a lot of fun producing videos at the moment.

Conzentrating on progress at the moment.

  • beginning of august my life changed, moving in with my girlfriend
  • finaly having time to be creative again!
  • new! started making videos!
  • also time laps!
  • Focusing in the art at the moment, takes a lot of time
  • still working as a lifeguard 100%

Something I wanne teach you!

  • practical tipps and tricks!
  • use perspective
  • try and error!
  • find youre style
  • expand your chambre!
  • How to create this photointense moments!
  • and so much more!

This is why I started making this videos!

  • link ath the end of post :)


One of the sweetest sunsets this year so fare.

  • single exposure

Episode 220.jpg

And of course some Double Exposures I did there as well!

  • as the sceene was so epic!

This is a frame in frame Double Exposure.

  • I love this style verry much as it gives you a cleart image, with a lot of the acctual picture forming in youre head as you associate automaticly the details, and youre brain interprets them as Picture.

Episode 218.jpg

Having Fun with the White Balance!

  • something I enjoy recently a lot!

Episode 222.jpg

Having fun with two separate White Balance!

  • red and green.

Episode 28.jpg

Wide Panorama Shot!

  • Showing the Beauty of the landscape, complimented by the wonderfull sunlight!

Episode 23.jpg

Panoramic Shillouette Shot

  • To bring focus to the soft lighttrails of the sun, leaving a lot of space in the image to visualise perspective.

Episode 24.jpg

Anouther Frame in Frame Double Exposure!

  • As I love this so much!
  • This time with a little extremer zoom between the frames
  • for the camera-nerds,- Zooming from 16mm to 24mm with the wide angel lens.

Episode 21.jpg

In Love with Symethry!

  • and some white balance magic.

Episode 214.jpg

Same Symethry, diffrend Perspective

  • The Sunset was such a spectacle!

Episode 212.jpg

Forced Panorama Sunset

  • Seeing this couple with the huge sunset, I just had to frame them like this!
  • first frame with the panorama at 16mm
  • second frame zoomed with the lens to 24mm, faster shutterspeed so it won`t overexpose

Episode 210.jpg

We made it!

  • well mostly...

The reason for this post is to thank Hive! so all of you!

It has been a grate journey, and I feel verry comfterbal sharing my art and the tipps and tricks behind it here with this awsome communitys. Also it has been motivating and in many cases inspiring as well, thinking about @lightpaintershub for example.
Also there where many lessons to be learned, and at the moment fo me it is focus, not in the photography way spoken hahaha
I mean focus in life, so this equals at the moment more time for photography, more time for filming and practicing edditing, but also this equals- less time to blog!.
I could "milk" this post with a post for every image, but I feel like this is not motivating enough for me.
Also I feel like this way it is much more informing then just a "here picture, settings, thanks" post. Because this way you can see the technics, and the perspectives more. The handeling of the camera is nicly viewabel in the video.

Thank you for beeing part of my Hive! Journey!

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  • this video is my one with the worst soundqualy so it won`t get worst than that hahaha
  • So sorry for the sound in this one, but the sceene was to epic not to publish this one!

Video of the exact moments all the images from this post where taken!

All images are photographs produced by @sandymeyer

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Art helps to communicate and understand without words.

In a world where words are no longer valued as desirable, images speak clearly.


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