@dapplr Feedback And How I Have Been Using The App For Posting!

First of all if you do not know @dapplr, it is a mobile app for posting and all that on the hive blockchain.

So fare so good.

Lets start with some things I love about the mobile app (I use the android version not shure if there is a ios version @dapplr?) and have been using it a lot ever since installing. In fact now I post more on @dapplr than on @peakd or @ecency. A nice feature are the witness votes and proposals options.

Lets jump right into it, and begin with something new I discovered.

It allways bouthered me that you can only upload 4 pictures at the time in the editor mode. If you make posts eith a lot of images (like I do mostly) it is time consuming, to scroll down and look for the images just because youre not able to select more than 4 at once.

But now I found out that:

When I select a few (more than 4 images) in my gallerie on android I can then share them via @dapplr and upload as many images as I want in one go.

  • This is awsome as it will safe some time uploading.
  • It is a lot if scroling for me to add 10 pictures directly in editor mode.

And that brings me to the next point I want to mention.
The drafts are awsome, and I use them to keep templets and write some posts in advance.

If there would be a option to add templets in editor mode it would be a huge improvment for the workflow of autors.

The notifications are cool, and show replys now as well.

My issue is that again I have to scroll a lot to get to the content I want to see.

Let me try to explain that.

When someone replys to my post, and I tap on that notification it takes me to my post and I have to scroll down to the coment I am actualy interrested in.
Now the issue is that the more comments there are on my post the longer I have to scroll because the last coment shows on the bottom.

This is not the case if someone tags me in that comment.

This is realy bouthering me as it is thr main reason I do not like to reply with @dapplr!

A big thanks to the @dapplr team, I realy love it and looking forward to future improvments.

@dapplr gets 50% of all rewards of that post.

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