Double Exposure Photography Art!

2021 -19.jpg

The bigest watch in europe ☝️ photographed with a double exposure.

Early in the morning.

  • I went photoshooting with my former roommate.
  • We met at 8:00 and went for a photowalk around the oldtown in Zürich.
  • It is allways a fun time and inspirational.
  • Going on a hount with a friend is quality time.

Perspective Illusion.

  • This is something I do recently as I am allways looking for new ways to bring my photography to the next level.
  • I like the consept and will keep produsing images like this one 👇.

2021 -18.jpg

White balance is a issue.

  • With lightconditions like we had on that day, it is hard to get the white balance wright for a double exposure.
  • The skin of my friend (not on hive) is way to orange for my taste.
  • Still I like the image dough.

2021 -21.jpg

Window Shoper.

  • This double exposure looks like a normal image at first sight.
  • But in the clouths of my friend you can see the buildings from the second exposure.
  • I did the frame with the window and the photographer first and shot a second exposure with the buildings.
  • Key for this image is perspective and framing so the illusion is achived.

2021 -20.jpg

Hotel zum Storchen

  • Means hotel storch in english.
  • A famous hotel in Zürich.
  • Adding the flag to it and it is a recognisable image for every true Zürcher.

2021 -17.jpg

Panorama Double Ecposure.

  • As a last image of this post, let me show you this epic piece of photography.
  • I like the effect a lot and certenly would call this image typical for my style.
  • Collour grading looks ok on this shot, there are not a lot of collours in the image.

2021 -16.jpg


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