Going On A Photowalk After A Long Break! Photogear, Nerdtalk! Some Thoughts About Planing A Shoot!

Daim, there is a lot on the bucket list!

First of all there is @fastchrisuk waiting for a collaborationshoot!

  • That started s few weeks ago, I asked @fastchrisuk in the coments here on hive! if he would send me some shots to make a double exposure out of it. And well deliver he did, in a matter of two houers @fastchrisuk send me the shots. So since the he is waiting for the results, and they are coming!

I was not able to upload the images on my camera so I am making a shot of the images displayed on a tablet, and continue the process with a double exposure in the camera.
Can't wait for that!

Then there are a lot of ideas I have for technics to shoot.

Check out the new gear!

  • This one is for time laps and it moves the camera during the capture.

This allows you to set a degree, direction (left or right) and a duration for the action. It is pretty basic but something I wanted for decades. As the process of time laps becomes easeyer, there is room to play with new things like this and I think having a moving frame will bring a lot of power to the time laps. A huge win for the quality I think!

Also this bad boy I assembled from some parts.

Two new rotation tools!

  • As i love rotations
  • Multible exposure with long exposures
  • Or just one single long exposure

Can not wait to put them to action!

There will be a blog about that as well of course!

Here a close up of some nice features of this rotation tool.

First this one where you can set a ajustable pressure feedback for a certain degree of rotation.

Then there is the makro slide, to change the middlepoint of the frame.

The tools are build to be combined.

  • As there are a lot of parts, I safed a few as they can be used on both.
    The L that holds the camera and the makro slide works on bouth builds. Also some panorama heads are used in diffrend ways.

Now some thoughts about planing.

Finding a good location is key!

  • As you have to keep in mind the conditions and the final result you are after.

I did one testshoot with the time laps tool at night with a highway. Now I think it would be cool to add some city time laps as well, with some cars and traffic. For this I am thinking about a buissey street with futuristic buildings. And I have just the location for it! This is gona be epic as allways. 🍀📷🍻

The location for time laps is also good for some rotations! As it is realy foggy today and during daytime I am gone use multible exposures for the rotations.

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So stay healthy and happy

Remember, we are one comment away from meeting each outhers

  • I am allways active in the comment section
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All images are photographs produced by @sandymeyer

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