Crazy Location For Photography!?!

Today we have a close look at the location suited for some projects.


As you can see the floor looks Amazing thanks to the rain.

There is so much to capture here, but look for yourself...


The floor itself will be so much fun to play with, I am thinking of double exposure and some camera rotation madness!


There are so many perspectives here.


As I check out the location I also concentrate on lines and points of depth.


Something to look out as well is how usable it is for videos!


Do you remember the ripsurf I bougth with bitcoin?


This is the perfect location to make a video with the ripsuref!


This will be epic!


As I explore this location, I am inspired and full of motivation to realise the images and clips in my mind.


Of course all the results will be published on Jun ve and hive only as allways ;)

So stay tuned for that hahah


This images are produced with my phone.

So a visit with the canon eos r fullframe camera will certenly result in crazyer images hahah - on the list, phototour here.


As I will be shooting here it is also a possebillity to timelaps here...


For lightpai the ng it is a bit to bright, but long exposures will turn oit pretty cool, and a next level to the image quality of this frames from my phone ;)


But this post is about the location and how to get into nspired by locations!


The trick is to keep on the "photographer glasses"

By this I mean practice framing with youre mind here and there during youre day.


This will keep youre "creative photography mussel" fit and you will automaticly be quicker and advanceder in framing.


Becouse you trained what to look for and do it instinctly.


Some days I can not switch it off to frame the whole world I experience during a day.

Worst, I trained a double exposure framing in my mind and now this happens uncontroled, resulting in me having flash images trigered by certain perspectives.

If you get this sentence 👆 please let me know youre experience!


Back to locations....

A important part is also to explore.


This is easyly achived if you develop the habit of not taking the same routes all day.


It is a small change that expands the potentate l of sucsess, so realy worth it!


This location is only reachable by foot so exploring the city town or village you let ve by foot expands youre chances of finding a location you ignored for a long time.


With all that, I am interested in youre opinion about developing photography habits that result in a more creative experience.

How do you find youre locations?


All the best and see you soon 🍀