Crazy Frames From The Aquarium!?!

Life is worth living!

A visit to the aquariums is allways a good idea! Specialy when you love photography, so check out the frames I shot there!

Firts of

The Barrier

  • Isn't impressive to see the two worlds combined, above and underwater.
  • A place where time eases and the mind is invited to reconect with a so familiar feeling ng nature is giving us.
  • The collour nature has to offer is unbeatable!


Some fishes swim with such a uniqe way of movement, it is so nice to observe. And thats what I wanted to capture with this frame...

Soft Movement

  • A frame to highlight the currency and the movement in the water.
  • It is like seeing wind in the trees, something that we love to look at, something timeless.
  • Movement makes a frame timeless.


Special forms are eyecatchers as well. If you have a subject that is a eyecatcher by itsselfe, frame it minimalistic.

Amazing Fish

  • The contrast shure helps the frame
  • But it is the fish in the center that makes it a eyecatcher.
  • Observe youre subject and decide on that what you want to highlight.
  • Think of it as a theatre where you deside whats on the stage.


And speaking of stage, this awsome fish had wuch a cool look that I just had to frame him.

The Boss

  • This frame just screams meme me!
  • You can use this frame for a meme if you want to, just tag me so I can see what you came up with!
  • Have fun and keep it real!


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All images are photographs produced by @sandymeyer

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