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A friend of mine has a huge talent and I feel like the band doesn`t get the recognition they deserve on youtube.


A swiss band located in Schaffhausen.

Their band description says:
Explosive guitars, powerful drums, catchy tunes surrounded by 80s-Glam – all that served with a bit of boygroup charme: That’s HIELO. The four-man group from Schaffhausen (CH) – named after their sadly deceased singer “Paco Hielo” - is currently working on their first LP.
After the first Release of their EP Small town tales in 2017, which reminds on classical high school pop-punk parties, they decided to extend their sound with the high variety of Synth-Arrangements, giving their sound a very fresh and diverse appearance. “Make 80s great again” is what the guys of HIELO are going to celebrate

In loving Memory of PACO HIELO!


Sam - Vocals/Guitar
Pablo - Guitar
Dave - Drums
Raffy - Bass

They make awsome rock music and I love the heart and creativity they put in there work.

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  • They deserve some love in this harsch time.
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Check the new videoclip!

The song corona living was created in complete isolation.
This song is about past relationships, depression and the ..... situation, which prompts us to stay at home. We would like to address the sensitive issue of ....... with deep respect, as it affects us very much at the moment. We wish you all good entertainment and
.... Stay healthy and positive !!!
in love HIELO

Lyrics, Music and Recording by HIELO

Special thanks to for recording and providing the
live concert sequences in the video clip
...and to
Whynotjanice for riding the swing with her lovely friend...
Thierry Bloch for recording all the remaining video footage.

Musicvideo storyline and edit by HIELO

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Art helps to communicate and understand without words.

In a world where words are no longer valued as desirable, images speak clearly.

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