Anouther Close Friend Joined Steeem. Lets Follow Him Before He Can Post Something.

He is one of my photography mates and we always goof around photography.
I remember we met in the kitchen at work as I use to work as a chef back then. Since then we´ve held some workshops together where we teached some entuhsiast and everyone interrested how to lightpaing handle the light generell in photography and a technic called levitation.

@xxxtenmal does a lot of nice nightphotography and I recomand following him for some nice inspiration :)

He certenly is a character is don´t judge to earley :)

Portrait of @xxxtenmal

Welcome on steem my friend, all the rewards for this post go to you as steempower.

Paul am rauchen.-1.jpg Please view in full screen.

Sandy Meyer

Art helps to communicate and understand without words.

In a world where words are no longer valued as desirable, images speak clearly.

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