Epic Spotlights In The Aquarium! And Setting The Airpump Up For Good! Hive Only Blog!

A lot of work still, but here the new updste of the progress.

What we have done so far..
Installing the lights anf filter system including a UV filter and a biological mechanical filter. Also a little prefilter with active carbon was added on the intake of the filtersystem.
The lights are added and on a automatic switch. It is on or off but later we will install a led control to simulate a sunrise and sunset with the collourspectrum of the light. That will result in a much more natural behavior of the fish. As we are planing to put a swarm in there with more than one hundred fish!

Today we installed the Led spotlights with a external switch. This is so during nighttime I can switch on the spotlights to show off the aquarium. These spotlights are not so bright and simulate the light of the moon, so it is not bad for the rhytem of the fish when switching them on during nighttime.

Also we added a automatic time switch to the airpump. It is running 30min and the is off for the rest of the hour. And during night time it is off colpletly so the fish have it quiet. The oxygen by the way is only 3% it can absorb from this bubbles, most oxygen gets into the walter thanks to surface movment and we achive that with the filterflow.
Here a picture of my cable mess.

Some images of the new lights!

Happy with how it looks for now,

  • But you know me, I will redecorate in the next few weeks for shure hahahaha.

We have three spotlights now!

  • One is white light, one is blue and the outher is collorchanging.

Placing them is key.

  • I like it how the blue shines from the background.

View from the side.

  • It looks like a jungle.

Collor from behind as well.

  • This is the frontview
  • You can see the colourchanging spotlight is next to the blue one.

Can not wait to have a shrimp collonie in there!

  • As there are so many cool paths for the to explore!

Imagine a fishswarm in there!

  • It is going to be epic!
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its gona be epic!

  • and you know it!

For some aquarium awsomeness follow @ksteem and @bensworld as well, I know they have epic tanks as well!

@ksteem recently just made a post about it!

Check it out!

In outher news!

Finaly snow!

It is snowing in the morning for the first time this winter! And over night it covered everything! Check out the view from my livingroom!

The bonsai are in winter mode as well hahaha

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