All About Photography.

There is a missconception about what it takes to sucseed as a photographer. You do not need all the fancy gear. And yes of course you can produce youre artform with a smartphone as well. Here is one example why you don`t need fancey gear.

Double exposure

as my favorite example is a common practice, done by photographers for as long as longexposures.

  • ethen before digital edditing double exposures where popular for sureal effects.

This is what I enjoy so much about that, it is such a simple workflow. Still it has so many aspects and millions of possibillitys. You could say twice as many options as in comon photography.

Much more..

is needed for some nice photography, and honestly the only recipe I could possible recomand you is:

  • Try diffrend things
  • leave space for try and error
  • Creativity is a process
  • review older images and reflect youre progress
  • this also improves youre overall view of the development of youre estetic view.
  • and most importantly don`t pressure yourselfe and have fun in what youre doing

Old technic with high resolution.

This is what I go after. Using a high resolution Canon EOS R and all the expirience in my backbag from my obsession with longexposure and lightpainting I go out hounting for those magical moments.

  • Here you can see one of the ongoing series I`m working on.

erster mai 2020 rheinfall115.jpg Please view in full screen.

Shortley mentioned above I come a long way in photography and the grate fellows @lightpaintershub where the once that recomanded steem Hive! to me, so give them some love and check out the awsome creativity of this community!

Also if youre new here WELCOME and thank you for reading. I hope you like the little insights here and there.

All images are photographs produced by @sandymeyer

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Art helps to communicate and understand without words.

In a world where words are no longer valued as desirable, images speak clearly.


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