My Actifit Report Card: July 25 2020

Long time no actifit post :)

So I have a fitbit now, just for this!

Awsome day at work!
I just love my daily buissnes as a lifeguard!

I am a trained chef, working for 10 years in the kitchen and specializing in pastry.
After this 10 years I felt emty and wanted to do something closer to people, outside in the fresh air.

So I took a jod as a gardener and found a sidejob as a lifeguard.
Anouther three years later I went to school again and now I am allowed to be resposible for the walterquality in public swimmingplaces.

So since two years I work only as a lifeguard!
Mission sucessfull!

So now I feel safe in life and I start having time to put my creativity to work with my videos and my photography. Which I am doing on hive and youtube, so subscribe if you wane be part of my journey!
Here a recent photo from the newspaper, can you find me?

Autherwise, I am packing and preparing to move! It is a lot but fun to get things sorted :)
Yes I am finaly moving in with my girlfriend @miraicastel!

Honestly I am in a good shape, working as a lifeguard, cycling a lot, hiking a lot and of course as my job tells, I swim a lot hahah

Stay happy and healthy.
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