My Actifit Report Card: May 1 2020

Exploring the rainy forest

  • One of my favorite activitys.

Isn't it refreshing to dive into the deep rainy woods. All the mosses glow bright as they grow with the first raindrops after a long dry period.


  • how nicely the moss visualises the microklima on the ground, deep in the woods.

Mushroom on mushroom

  • Anouther highIght was the huge funy we found. Not everyday you see something like that.

Heading home

  • We recharged our daily dose of nature, air and good energy.

Happy and satisffaid are we heading back home where we make diner with the fresh greens we collected.

Are you interested in what we collect for our salad? Next week there will be a report about all the nice goodies we can find in our forest so make shure to follow so you won't miss the blog.

With that said #hivefive, stay happy and healthy!
#actifit #nature #intothegreen #dai