You Will Not Belive How It Looks After A Little Maintance! Epic Aquarium Blog! Hive Only!

A secret to sucess in aquaristic is to just let it grow from time to time.
It takes time to develop.

After a few months you can barley see the ground due to all the vegetation.

Little islands are formed from the mos, and it is a perfect place for young shrimps to grow up.

Also the swimming plants have eonderfull roots and have grown in numbers.

After cuting out a lot of the groeth we have a new look 🥺

And the leftover plants go to @bensworld as you already know 🤠

Its a good amount so he would say "what a nice loot hahaha "

After cuting I drained the tank and had a little break with some Kräuterschnaps.

The water has a lot of air in it so it looke realy dreamy 👇

I just love the roots of this plant called frogbite hahah 👇

The aquarium will stay like that for about 30 minutes gefore it will be cristal clear again, hopefully 😅

Happy with the new look and the water parameters, there is only one thing left to do.

Enjoying the view!

  • Main rwason for fishkeeping!
  • So calm and so much action!

It truely is a world to discover.

From diffrend angels there are so many details to discover!

The over all look makes me so proud and it certenly is a dream come true.

A dream to share with you!

I blog about this Aquarium ever since the set up and this on Hive only!

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All images are photographs produced by @sandymeyer

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