Epic Close Up Video! New Shrimps In The Aquarium! Hive Only Blog!

As you might know there is a new aquarium in my livingroom.

Today we add the shrimps!

  • They feel at home straight away!
(Unsupported https://cdn.dapplr.in/file/dapplr-videos/sandymeyer/aHkJXpd5kztdfct7VV5exgOSm2EUS3JX.mp4)

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Check out @ksteem he has a awsome aquarium as well with epic plecos!

And as he asked for plant advide I'd say anubia is awsome, low light needs, and it is a robust plant, as goldfish an be hard on plantings. Outherwise I'd say mose is allways good, cou can atach it eith a string to almost anything in the tank :) that can make the decoration ethen more realistic. And of course you could plant some nice pices you find as well, just look for the light need, I go for low light plants mostly. The plants do not need to be planted in soil, you can place them with the pot in the aquarium for easy maintance as well.
Sry my english, but I hope this helpy a bit :)


Also check out @bensworld he is a friend of mine (offline) and posts sometimes about his epic aquarium as well!

So stay healthy and happy

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