Big Blog! Wild Mushroom Hounting! Epic Video! Update On Oyster Mushrooms Growing In The Livingroom!

Where should I start!

  • We where so luckey, finding a lot of Reizker nushrooms.

Two kind of reizker to be exact.

  • Bouth are eadible!

Some had traces of nature

  • Snails love this mushroom
  • They eat it from the insight
  • This is why you can find some with holes.

The bigger once are nice to look at, but not as tasty. It is like the small once are much more aromatic and have a better structure.

The juice contains...

  • Natural collour that can make youre pee red or orange, just like beetroot for example.

It is a verry healthy mushroom!

Today we found about 1.5 kilo Reizker!

  • You can collect 1kg wild mushrooms per day per person, we where three people so we are half way there!

About the taste of Reizker Mushrooms!

  • Soon there will be a video highlighting the taste of this mushroom.
  • It is reccomanded to just roast it in a pan.
  • Easey to cook, rich in aroma!

Some auther wild mushrooms!

The Hallimasch

  • Wonderfull structure!
  • Only use the hats.
  • Cook in walter for five minutes before further processing.

As you can see, it hides verry well.

  • Bus as soon as you start seeing them, you find them everywhere!

Can you spot how many are in the image?👇

Spotlight from the sun

  • Hoe I love sceenes like this one with natural spotlights in the forest.
  • Moments like tgis make you forrget the dayli strugles.

Check out how big they are!

As mentioned above, you only use the hats for cooking. After five minutes in walter, you can roast the whole hat as one piece in a pan!

Here is our loot of the day!

  • Some realy big ones!
  • And verry fresh, what a luckey day!

Everytime I find some of those as well!

Trametes tricolores

  • Nice for some tea, verry healthy!
  • But I have plenty at the moment so we left those alone this time.

Blue glow

  • They have a interesting colliuration!

Personaly, I love how they grow and look on the ground! This #fungi grows in wood that lays arround in the forest. You can find it almost all year and when it is white underneath it grew recently. Older exemples have a brownisch underside.

A bridge in the forest tells storys.

#amazingnature is strong!

  • And the bridge we crossed shows some of the amazing strengths of nature!

First a witness of natural disaster!

  • We have some strong storms
  • Gere you can see what can happen when you are in the forest during a storm
  • A reminder to be catefull!

The tree demolished the handrail if the bridge!
You can see the emense power and do not wanne be nesr this when it happens!

Nature takes it back!

  • Anouther sight on the same bridge
  • It shows the imense force of growing nature!
    To the right of @bensworld in the image you can see the rail (blue) where the tree hit.

How amazing is this

  • So fascinating to see!

In a few year it will be couvered and part of the tree!

In auther news...

I went to the barber!

  • It was the third time in my life going to the barber.
  • Verry strange during the pandemic!
  • My friend @janaliana is a barber and I trust her.
  • Yeah I mad her a acount so maybe soon she'll be active?

Still not used to someone touching my hair dough, but she made a grate job!

Back on track!

Oyster mushrooms growing in the livingroom!

  • Short update!
  • Yes I started a time laps!

Check out the growth over night!

  • Allways wanted to make a time laps of growing mushrooms!
  • The best thing is the eill be eadible!

Did not wanne milk this blog.

This is a compact short update on some nice things going on.

The reason for this is I did not wanne milk posts.

  • As quality comes with content.
  • It would have been more rewarding to make a blog about each topic of this post.
  • But I belive that quality goes over quantity
  • Give this blog a upvote and show youre suport, it is free 😅

just something I wanted you to know 😆🍀👍📷🍻

Special champignon!

What a lucky found again!

  • Verry tasty big champignon!

It smells like anise!

And now the moment you have waited for!

after reading this, how about a short video to recap!


View on LBRY for some extra crypto 🍀👍🍻

Thanks for viewing, it has been a pleasure having you here!

And if you are unable to view the video here (looking at you @ecency user) here a LBRY video.

Disclaimer: this is no mushroom advice! Do youre own research there are plenty if local mushroom guides. I can only recomand some books! no app for shure! hahahha! Greez

So stay healthy and happy

Remember, we are one comment away from meeting each outhers

  • I am allways active in the comment section
  • Everyone gets a !BEER

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